Hello, I am Angela.

A UX/UI Designer and Researcher, Human-Computer Interaction,
Freelance Graphic Designer & Health Informatician

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About Angela H. Chih

UX/UI Designer and Researcher, Freelance Graphic Designer & Health Informatician

I was born in America but spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong, China. I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, where I took art foundation and education courses. I then transferred to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (UofM) School of Art & Design with a focus in Graphics Design and Metal Work. I have two certifications in Early Childhood Education and Sterilizing Processing Tech. I received my Masters degree at UMSI (UofM School of Information) focused in User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with two Graduate Certificates in Health Informatics and Innovations & Entrepreneurship. Presently, I am a Graphic Designer at Intersect Digital.

I am a freelance graphic designer who works in a broad range of media such as metal, sculpting, painting, and drawing. I am experienced working with various styles, according to the needs of my clients. Please explore my portfolio and do not hesitate to contact me for possible job opportunities.

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Feel free to reach out to me, should you be interested in getting in touch for possible opportunities.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA | [email protected]