SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation


Winter 2019 Semester
Jan-Apr 2019


Interaction, Branding, Contextual Inquiry, Usability Studies, Heuristic Evaluation, Comparative Evaluation, Card Sorting, Teamwork

This course further taught me the process of consulting work with a specific client, The Michigan Theater, who we were assigned to for the entire Winter semester. As all of us had taken SI 501: Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations We went straight into our stakeholder interviews including customer interviews and conducted different usability studies to provide an glorious end result to our client. During the first week as a team, which was three weeks into the course. We decided on our team name as J2A2.UMSI, derived from the first letter of each of our names. Single Project I provided various samples of our team logo and as a team we all agreed with the one above.

For our very first assignment we were tasked to create an Interaction Map of the current website, from the assignment we learnt which areas to focus on to provide feedback to our client. Interaction Map

To view our final report, which I also designed the layout for through Adobe InDesign, please go to Issuu or view below:

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