SI 501: Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations


Fall 2018 Semester
Sep-Nov 2018


Interaction, Branding, Contextual Inquiry, Teamwork

This course taught me the process of consulting work with a specific client of our choosing in our teams for the entire semester. The first day of class we were assigned to our teammates and worked on a fun hunt to figure out what our team name was and during that time I was able to help the team create a logo for ourselves as Evergreen.UMSI. Single Project

To view our written final report, which I also designed the layout for through Adobe InDesign, please go to Issuu or view below:

This class provided us a step by step process of initially meeting with the clients to ask what their expectations are of us. What kinds of solution they wanted us to provide. Each team member split up the work of understanding our clients by writing up a background research report, I was assigned to effective communications and scheduling options. Eventually all of our background research reports were combined to the following written report with the link provided above.

After writing up our individual background research reports, we took turns interviewing and note taking 5 members who worked at WCBN who might be able to help us identify our client problems. We were then each assigned to write up our interview annotations. Then we started to make arrangements of writing up sticky notes of quotes being said by each interviewee in order to create an affinity wall, shown below:

Single Project Single Project

We spent about 6 hours together creating the affinity wall. Thankfully one of our teammates had a ping pong table for us to work on. We sifted through many sticky notes in order to identify the main problems to create solutions for our client.

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